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    Tuning to Hz

    Now I see all kind of explanations of things like "You should tune you car to this or that many hz" And how many inches the port needs to be. But what does it really mean when I tune it to 35 or 45 hz. Does that make the box so the lowest it will go is say 35hz, or does it make it so it like the prime range of effective frequency +/-10. What is the deal. Because I just listened to a demo on Realm ofExcursion that plays diffrent hertz for you so you can hear what they sound like. And to me 35 is pretty **** low. Too low for ANY music I hear.

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    Re: Tuning to Hz

    Tune your car to a frequency Methinks you mean "tune your enclosure"

    What the tuning frequency means, in very simple terms, is that that's the frequency where the enclosure's output peaks at. Take a look at this on a frequency response chart, and it will make instant sense to you. At tuning, the subwoofer is at minimum excursion, almost all the output is through the port.

    A high tuning frequency (40-50Hz, for example) will generally result in a louder setup, but frequency response will be hampered. A lower tuning will sound better at the cost of overall SPL.

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