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    ported xxx15 box options, need opinions

    ok....i WAS going to pay someone to do this for me but i realized i can do it myself with the basic thing and i have a few designs...

    ihad about 6.5 cubs tuned to 35Hz and i liked it, it was a great SQL mix and im going for something close to that. that SQ was good but could be just a small hair better..... so i was thinking aboutlower the tuning... but here's something ive come up with

    6cubs tuned to 35Hz, 101.75in^2 port area, 29inches of port length -likebefore

    4 cubs tuned to 32Hz, 97.125in^2 port area, 55.75 inches or port length - little bit lower tuneing, possibly better SQ but im unsure about the ideal internal volume for that tune, should it be increased or decreased?

    4 cubs tuned tp 28Hz, 83.25in^2 port area, 64inches of port length. - i've heard many good things about this design and it's flatter curve in terms of frequency response and it haveing amazing much SPL would be lost though? i dont want to sacrific much SPL so would this might be tuned to low.

    im leaning towards the 32Hz tuned box, but for a 50/50 SPL/SQ mix what should the internal volume be?

    any thoughts or other box designs you'd like to add feel free

    trunk dimensions are 20H,23L,38W 2002 vw golf

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    Random Prototype 3k @ 1ohm. TRF/PSI 8 layer 4in coil Monster 15 in 3 cubs @ 33Hz / Raammat 40sqft in the trunk.
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    Re: ported xxx15 box options, need opinions

    i did my xxx 15 in 4cu @ 28hz and it wangs!

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