what do i need to cut 3/4 plexiglass in basic straight cuts? also what i want to do is have my box port through the rear deck via the speaker holes. problem is i can't figure out a design thats both tall enough to fit a 15 and also wide enough for the ports to simply drop down into the enclosure through the speaker holes. what i though i do is have the ports external (which also saves me enclosure space) just use 2 4" aero ports in the deck and use 4" flexi-port hose to connect the external ports to the enclosure. any one see a problem with this? the only thing i predict is getting the flexi port and the aeroports tightly secured to each other. also a while back i've seen this stuff called foil-tec which was basically a mirror material that came in a foil form. anyone seen this or a similar product lately?