Hey I am looking for someone to design me a ported box for 1 12" kicker solobaric L7... It will be going into a regular cab F-150 2001. The specifics for behind the seats are

48" wide 12" high across the entire back

behind the seat
20" wide (double check this)
9-10" bottom depth
7-8" top depth

behind the console

6" top and bottom, extend that all the way out. I would like the sub to be mounted behind the drivers seat. umm so if anyone thinks they can tackle this shoot me a pm if you want to and plz tell me how much you charge to do so. Also if you need any other specifics let me know.

I guess I should tell you that I listen to every form country to rap to rock so there has to be a happy medium there. What do you tihnk it should be tuned to?? alrighty thanx for now and I look forward to hearing from you