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Reload Thread: Brahma 15" in 1995 Mustang Conv. trunk?

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    Brahma 15" in 1995 Mustang Conv. trunk?

    As the title says I'm trying to figure out the best way to install a 15" Brahma in the trunk of my 95' convertable mustang. I used to have the Brahma in a 3.5cu ported enclosure tuned to 29hz and it sounded awesome not to mention being supremely loud, but I'm not sure if I could even do that in the Mustang.

    Just looking for someone with some experience with this. I've never attempted a sub install with a convertable so I don't know what to expect SPL wise. I know I could get away with 2-2.5cu sealed box but I'm afraid of the loss of SPL over ported due to it being in a convertable. Also due to the small trunk space it seems my only option would be to face it upwards unless I try to slope the baffle and then face it forwards or backwards.

    Can anyone with similar experience point me in the right direction? Would facing up in a simple box do well or would I rattle the **** trunk lid off? Also if I faced it backwards somehow would it be superior to the other option? BTW It'll be powered by a Tsunami1100db so power isn't an issue.


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    Re: Brahma 15" in 1995 Mustang Conv. trunk?

    figure out a way to keeep it ported.......... you'll loose mad SPL if u seal tinside the trunk if need be

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    Re: Brahma 15" in 1995 Mustang Conv. trunk?

    you would have to do it upfiring, and as said make sure it is ported and in order to make a decent size box for it you'll probably have to build it inside the trunk so be prepared to sacrifice all your trunk space

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    Re: Brahma 15" in 1995 Mustang Conv. trunk?

    yes def. upfire

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