Item(s) for Sale:
- 8' of Tsunami 1/0G wiring
- 5 pack Tsunami 1/0G 5/16" gold ring terminals, comes with 3 red and 2 black.
- Considering selling my barely used optima yellow top 8012-021 D34 battery.

Item(s) Description/Condition:
Wiring and ring terminals are completely new and have not been used. The ring terminal box was only opened to test ring terminal fitment. Optima battery has been very lightly used in my vehicle.

- Looking for $6.50 per foot for the 1/0G wiring, I'd prefer to not cut it up so $52 for all of it.
- $12 for the ring terminal package.
- Looking for at least $150 for the Optima battery (bought $190 new).

Feel free to PM me, I'm willing to work with you on the pricing.

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:
Buyer pays shipping. I ship from Arizona usually same day/next day. I accept Paypal only. Serious offers only please.

I was planning to do the big 3 with my vehicle but unfortunately I have to get rid of my car. I have positive feedback from other reputable websites, please PM me if you want more information about my credibility.

Item Pictures:
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Thanks for looking,