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Stinger SCSK1

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This was part of a deal I got locally, one of those take it all or take none.
Wire insulation has been stripped to be put in the cap and distro block but the thing has never seen power. Got it from a guy who did some design work for a few car audio companies who were wanting to copy this design haha. Looks new and stuff

The Stinger (SCSK1) kit includes the exclusive SCS 1 farad capacitor-designed to look like a Nitrous Bottle and boost the systems power in the same way nitrous would boosthorsepower of an engine. To complete the package, all the necessary components to install the capacitor are included such as; mounting brackets, braided hose style wire, hardware, and a distribution block that provides easy installation and can be tucked out of sight. The capacitor not only improves system performance it also adds system status with an integrated digital 4-digit LED voltage gauge.

This cap is designed to cover up to a 1000 watts of power. The Item will measure: 3" in diameter, 10 3/4" Tall, Brackets 5 1/4"wide.

* 1 Farad power capacitor
* Digital LED volt meter
* Cool N.O.S. bottle look
* Feeds power starved amps
* Improves system bass response
* Reduces strain on vehicles electrical system
* 3ft of power wire
* 3ft or ground wire
* Power and ground block


$20 big obo t
hese sell for $100~ online so be reasonable but I have 0 use for this.

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