We have a selection of amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers by RE Audio to offer starting today. CTX and DTX amplifiers, REX 10" and 12" dual 4 ohm subs, S EX 10", 12", and 15" dual 4 ohm subs, SRX 10", 12" and 15" dual 4 ohms subs, RE FR and REX coaxial speakers, and the SR6.5C 6.5" component speaker set. More models may arrive on an ongoing basis or by special request.

Defining a New Generation

US Amps (parent company of RE Audio) is well known for offering the most powerful and reliable amplifiers for sound-off competitions, serious ground pounding systems, and audiophile quality systems. We, now as RE Audio, still make classic, stripped down, contest busting "competition" amplifiers. In addition, we offer a complete line of featured products that bring the unforgettable US Amps/RE Audio experience to YOUR ears!

What Are Your Expectations?

RE Audio will meet your needs and provide you with genuine power and accurately reproduced sound. RE Audio adds brutal low frequency woofers and startlingly accurate components for sound quality or SPL competitions. No other company offers a wider range of high quality purpose-designed products as we do!

Discover the Secret of Car Audio Professionals and Serious Sound Enthusiasts

For over 2 decades, US Amps has defined the standard of amplifier quality and power. Through these years, some of the best systems were built on the rock solid reputation of US Amps. Now all RE Audio amplifiers are designed and engineered in our factory by our found and still Chief Engineer, Dirk Ecker. Like in the past with US Amps, RE Audio Amplifiers want to be paired with woofers and speaker systems that sound the best, play the loudest and are most reliable. Hard to find? Not anymore! We as US Amps/Re Audio decided it's best to design and manufacture our own subs. We are proud that the majority of all subwoofers are manufactured by hand in our California facility, (MADE IN THE USA). NOW we truly Put the Best with the Best!
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