I'm posting this here to make it easier for me to do quotes. You can copy and paste these questions into a new thread or a private message. I need this information to give you my best recommendations.

Tell me what it is you're looking to get a quote for.

General information
Vehicle year, make, and model:
What is your budget?:
Premium sound system? If yes, list it (Infinity, Bose, JBL, etc. It will say somewhere inside the vehicle):
Navigation option? yes/no:
Rear seat entertainment? yes/no:

Current audio/video upgrades:
Your description goes here.
Planned upgrades
Your description goes here.

Any electrical system upgrades? yes/no:
If yes, briefly describe them:

Most people want to do minimally invasive or minimal permanent changes to the vehicle. In order to work with you on this I need to know what you are willing to do to fit new speakers, especially component tweeters and/or mids.
Are you having a shop do the install?
Cutting/drilling holes in panels? yes/no
Cutting sheet metal for clearance? yes/no

I know what I want, just get me a price quote with shipping
I need to know where I'm sending it and if it's a rush order. My standard shipping is UPS Ground, and sometimes USPS Priority Mail. Bigger orders almost always go by UPS Ground unless I'm mailing to Canada. Then it's always USPS Priority International.

I can do custom component speaker systems by CDT Audio. If you want a set customized I'm happy to help. Want a midbass pair instead of midranges? Prefer metal tweeters to silk? 3-way instead of 2-way? Let's discuss your needs.