We stock the Phantom Class D line of amplifiers by Precision Power. This has been our best selling line of amplifiers for quite some time now. Ultra reliable, great sound quality, plenty of clean power, and small.

P600.2 190W x 2 $145 shipped
P900.4 145W x 4 $189.99 shipped
P900.5 70W x 4, 270W x 1 $259.99 shipped
P1000.1 1,000W @ 1 ohm $199 shipped

Today we have the Black Ice BK1300.1D in stock, rated at 1,300W @ 1 ohm. New school meets old school. This line is for people who remember the good old days of PPI. This is a Class D mono subwoofer amplifier that comes with a remote bass knob. $189.99 plus actual shipping

You'll be shocked by the performance and features you get from such small amplifiers. From the new iON Class D line we have the i350.2 (115W x 2) and the i650.1 (650W x 1 @ 2 ohms) in stock. Both of these amplifiers include a remote knob. The i350.2 is $124.99 shipped. The i650.1 is $139.99 shipped.