As many of our clients have seen over the years we adjust our packaging as we find new and/or better ways to package the enclosures to ensure they show up to you as they left here. Over the years of shipping enclosures we have found that it is very tricky to find a way to package that will allow the package to arrive as it left, keep overall costs the same, and still be able to be covered by shipping insurance if something did happen. While damages do not happen with every item shipped, we all know how logistic companies operate.

With that said, we have been recently adjusting our packaging again. We have been having meetings with FedEx, UPS, and USPS representatives to test various packaging methods to find one that each company will work with and ensure that "IF" there is damage the logistic company will cover the damages. No company currently shipping enclosures right now is using correct packaging methods according to industry standards, us included.

After several meetings and tests we decided on a certain foam and the requirements of the #(lb) of foam and the thickness will differ per the enclosure type, but we have nailed this down to the point that all three companies will be using it as a standard for claims situations. The foam solution is pretty basic considering many of the options we tried and can be purchased in just about any packaging company that stocks foam sheets(4' x 8').

Starting with packages we shipped off at the end of last week, we will be using this new method of packaging at no charge to you. The down side for us is, it did increase the packaging costs a bit and the shipping rates do to dimensional weight(bulk weight).

In summery we just want you all to know that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that our enclosures(or any other item we ship) will arrive to you in the same shape it left in, or that if there is an issue, there is no guessing game with the logistic company and we will not wait for their response to repair/replace your item as we know it is covered.

There will be a few more changes which may include another packaging alteration in the very near future. There will be an upgrade to carpet options as well. A few carpet options will be going from an extra fee option to a free of charge option, along with a more standardized pricing structure for vinyl upgrades and options.