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Reload Thread: Ordering,Pricing and Build Policies

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    Ordering,Pricing and Build Policies

    I would Like to say Welcome and Thank You for considering myself for your project. I work with you directly to get your project completed. Some builders offer only email or order form contact I prefer direct contact over the phone. On my website you will find customer reviews for my service. I never take on more builds than I can handle once I start your build the focus is on you. New customer builds wait in a que until your project is rdy to ship.

    1. How do I get started? Contact me via this forum or pm and Ill get back to you in the same way.

    2. Do you provide plans? No but if you know your dimensions I will calculate volume and ports
    for your enclosure.

    3. How long does it take? I do this full time after we have collaborated on the design it never takes
    more than two days to finish. I will always give you a build estimate.

    4. Do you carpet or paint? I never carpet any box I build. Most all of my builds are CnC carved
    so they get painted. My boxes are sanded smooth and rdy to paint.

    5. Updates during the build? Yes I always text/email pics during a build.

    6. How do I pay? Half deposit to get started the rest when its rdy to ship. I accept all forms of
    payment Visa,MasterCard,Paypal even money orders.

    7. How do you ship? I ship UPS 3 day ground in a customized wooden crate with sheet foam on
    every side. I have partnered with UPS to bring you the very best rate.

    8. How much do you charge? It varies on complexity and customization. Most people that order
    from me want a highly customized box that average 250.00 but I do build plain enclosures.
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    Visit my website for more builds and videos..... http://cherrymancustoms.com
    Visit my YouTube channel for build videos...... http://youtube.com/channel/UC74QWS_CIc_rz2iaOl_yWUQ

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