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Reload Thread: SPL Car Show In Jackson MI

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    Re: SPL Car Show In Jackson MI

    Quote Originally Posted by da box king View Post

    Bring that truck by when ya can and I'll love to hear it and mess with it too
    My neighbor who was there, he sat ur trailblazer went for a ride with me last night after i got it all fixed up. You shoulda saw his face. haha I went to jackson earlier, i got outta my truck n threw up. It was rough.

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    Re: SPL Car Show In Jackson MI

    Well the show was a good turn out, i hope everyone had a good time. Thats to bad Superman, i hope we can get it on a meter and see what it can really do. We will be having another show but not sure when or if it will be a sanctioned event or not. Im definitely going to try and see what i can do about opening it up to more classes. As soon as i have information on dates times and place i will let everyone know. Thanks everyone for coming and if you have any, any, input on what to change or what to do different or add please send me a PM on your idea. thanks.

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