starting a little car club in houston.

its just me and my boy and a couple others.

i roll a 03 yukon on 22's with 1 w6 13 and a jl 500/1, and its still a work in progress

my boy gots a 98 gs400 with the same sub on 19' lexus gs400 (2004) wheels

just lookin for some cool cats that either need help (we both do work on cars and me especially, i have been installing systems for 10 years) or just want some peeps that like the same stuff as they do

really just looking for luxury cars and SUV'z, but everyone's welcome, even you lil J with the 85 civic.

im also looking for a jl 300/4 if someone knows of a used one i can get


we dont discriminate on race like most around these parts either