Pre Regististration

The SPLMAX CUP begins on April 19th in Thomasville GA. Pre registration is now open for this and all SPLMAX CUP events. To pre register for an event, please visit the website. Located at each region is a hyperlink for registration. Please note, no money will be collected at this time, pay the day of the show. Enter your competitor information and submit. Please have your printer ready, you will be able to print your completed registration form at this time. Bring your registration form to the show. This will save you time. There is very useful information on the form.

Here is a list of regions and their first shows
Region 1 April 27 Sactown, Sacramento CA, promoted by Doug Stockton of Sonic FX
Region 2 May 4 Cinco De Mayo, Austin TX, promoted By Leo Lopex of NASCI shows
Region 3 April 27 Absolute Sound System, Tuscon AZ, promoted by Cory Cox of Sonic FX
Region 4 April 27 RPM Speed & Cistom, Sheboygan, WI, promoted by Jeremy Weber of Sound Mekanix
Region 5 April 27 Advanced Mobile Toys, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, promoted by Sam Horn of SPLMAX
Region 6 April 19 Audio Extremes, Thomasville, GA, promoted by David Mclain of