May 27, 2007

The SPLMAX CUP, a competition to find the best Bass Racer in the USA, has begun. With 8 of the 40 events completed, the competition has been good. The SPLMAX CUP is a nationwide balanced points race featuring the Bass Race SPL competition format. The winner of the SPLMAX CUP competition will win a custom built 5 foot multimedia trophy.

Jeremy Weber, Sound Mekanix productions, has hosted two of his ten SPLMAX CUP events . "Competitors are pumped up. Attendance has been good. The competitions have been close."

"SPLMAX CUP points are awarded on how you finished, how many people are in your bracket and what class you competed in. The more people you beat the more points you get", said Sam Horn of SPLMAX.com

Top Ten points & competitors as of 5/27/2007

33 points Steve Mick (Ohio)

33 points Troy Wojciechowski (Wisconsin)

32 points Team Bassick - Alpine (California)

31 points Team H&K - Kent (Indiana)

31 points Josh Mertzig (Wisconsin)

30 points Team Loud & Clear - Jeff (Ohio)

29 points Slim Thug (Florida)

29 points Ss Audio (Ohio)

29 points Bobby Reyes (Wisconsin)

28 points Michael Whyte (Florida)

The competitions continues through September. For more information, including profiles, events and standings visit www.SPLMAXCUP.com

Points leader Steve Mick