yeah thats right in TEXAS>.........looking for local audio shops in TEXAS who want to host an event ............................

I am a new soundoff and car show organization here in South Texas, the name of my organization is NuAudio Soundoff Competition Inc. NASCI (nas-ki) for short, I am based in deep south texas. i work in the area of teh rio grande valley, but currently looking to book for teh calandar yr of 2007, i'm asking all audio shops and others who want to throw car truck and bike shows with soundoff's or just a crank it up. if you have any questions feel free to contact me if you are intrested feel free to email us. My website is being worked on, go to WWW.NASCISHOWS.COM and register, the forums and gallery are up and running so check it out
NASCI Are You Loud Enough? NuAudio Soundoff Comp. Inc.

What is dB Drag Racing?

dB Drag Racing is an auto sound competition format where competitors compete against one another to see who has the loudest car stereo system. The rules are simple and the judging format is objective. What sets dB Drag Racing apart from other SPL based contest is the head-to-head bracket style elimination format. For the first time ever, a sound-off competition is actually fun to watch. This is one of the primary factors behind dB Drag Racing's popularity.

What is Bass Race?

Competition score is a 30 second average of any commercially available music ( no test tones, burps or burned cd's). Competitors compete "head to head" to see who has the loudest car stereo. The Bass Race competition begins when a competitor qualifies his or her vehicle. To qualify, an SPL Sensor is placed on the competitor's passenger side windshield. The vehicle must remain totally sealed. The competitor plays his or her stereo system for 30 seconds. He or she is given an SPL Average score. This score places the competitor in one of six Bass Race classes. The classes are determined strictly on the score ( Classes are not determined by equipment, vehicle, competitor status, installation or manufacturer.)


Intrested in Having an event ................................

NuAudio Soundoff Competiton offers:

NuAudio Soundoff Competiton will post the event on the organization's website.

NuAudio Soundoff Competiton will electronically mail out flyers to nearby competitors .

NuAudio Soundoff Competiton will provide retailer with pre-printed flyers for distribution (Upon clients request).

NuAudio Soundoff Competiton will provide all items necessary to host the event such as meters, tents, PA system.

NuAudio Soundoff Competiton can provide trophies.
NuAudio Soundoff Competiton will be able to accrue points toward dB Drag Racing World Finals

NuAudio Soundoff Competiton will run the event.

NuAudio Soundoff Competiton will conduct registration and collect entry fees. Pictures will be taken and posted on the dB Drag Racing Sites (If time permits). Run the show in a professional manner.

Make sure everyone has fun. Our Sanctioning Requirements:
All promoters like NuAudio Soundoff Competiton must abide by certain requirements set forth by each organization. This insures a quality event over some guy that just has a meter. Here is small list of what we're required to do.:

We must pay a sanctioning fee for events.

We must use a sensor-based Term-LAB system to officiate the event. All printed materials advertising dB Drag Racing must utilize the official dB Drag Racing or NASCI logo.

An Official dB Drag Racing or NASCI banner must be prominently displayed in the judging station throughout the event.

We must adhere to the official dB Drag Racing We must provide a list of winners to each organization within 10 days of the conclusion of your event.

You must upload a minimum of 12 digital photos of the event to dB Drag Racing As you can see, when you hire someone like NuAudio Soundoff Competiton to run your event, we are held accountable for the event by not only you the retailer but the organization themselves.

If we don't perform the requirements then we are no longer sanctioned by each organization.

NuAudio Soundoff Competiton started out in the Spring of 2004. Our first year on the scene we did 7+ events in South Texas. Each year we continue hosting more and more events while continuing to add equipment to our setup. 3 years later, NuAudio Soundoff Competiton has performed over 45 events in 7 different cities.
All of this coming from a Family operation.

First Time Competitors If your a new competitor, please read the following information to help make your first event the best Pricing - Simple.
You pay a one time fee per show. This includes sanctioning fee, trophies and expenses.
There are no hidden charges, no surprises at the end of the event. What more could you ask for.

For pricing please contact NuAudio Soundoff Competiton.

here is the show we are working on right now........

will add a db drag event....... if audio competitors will come?
charge is $10.00 for bass race and dbdrag too trophies will be awarded for all classes