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Reload Thread: issues with Viper 791XV install, help!

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    issues with Viper 791XV install, help!

    was installed today. this is the 3rd alarm i've installed, but the first where i've had to get rid of the factory alarm. local shop i talked to said just take the old brain and disconnect it (since i'm running all new wiring)...well...long story short

    alarm works fine...havent tested the shock sensor, but its LED is blinking, so i know its at least active
    parking lights are wired to flash when system is armed/disarmed...only brake lights flash (and yes, im sure i've tapped into the right circuit...the brake light wires are seperate from the parking/running lights)
    hoodpin / trunk merc. switch and all door pins work as they're supposed to

    remote start doesnt work at all.

    ive checked all fuses...satellite relay is wired properly, everything that needs a 12v constant has one (although i may run another one off the battery, because im beginning to wonder if thats where i'm having my issues?)
    one odd thing i noticed about my car, i have 2 ignition wires (was expecting that)...and 2 starter wires. this threw me off. i tested both with my DMM, and both have 0volts @ off, accessory, and has 12v @ start, and one hit ~8-9volts (car had already started at that point, i couldnt keep cranking it over). the Viper harness had 2 seperate wires for 2 ignition wires, but only one starter wire (and a starter kill, but thats for an optional StarterKill addon)

    this is a list of what each particular wire does in my car

    and this is the install guide for the 791XV

    anyone know whats going on here? (please, don't post unless you know what you're talking about. i want to find out why my remote start isnt working, not contribute to someones postcount)

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    Re: issues with Viper 791XV install, help!

    you need 2 use arelay to activate the 2nd starter wire... use your 2nd starter output... it's on your remote start relay pack... and run it to a relay to activate the 2nd starter

    Been out of this for a longgg time...

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