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    Video Setup Recommendations

    Whats going on guys?
    I recently did over my audio setup in my integra and now that its winter, the car will most likely be in storage, I can decide what I want to do for a video setup. The good thing is that my headunit broke (an older signal only alpine which i swore by) so I am open to different methods of running the video setup. Basically I'm not too knowledgable about the video stuff.

    I know that I could get a semi-expensive flip-up screen with an integrated dvd/mp3/cd player, but if i just get that, im going to be spending at least 650, and i would have to make sure that it would be able to play dvd formats right off the bat, because i wouldnt want to have to add another reciever to that setup.

    I know i could also go with a standard audio only deck that could read mp3s then buy a small dvd player, put it in the glove box, and throw a eBay special 7" screen above the mp3 reciever.

    The problem is i dont know what the most effective, easiest to use, least problematic setup would be. Would the single flip-up screen be the best idea? I need your guys expierienced input. I have an external amplifier for the car's components so an internal amp is not neccessary.

    I am looking to spend about 500-700 dollars on whatever I buy, which must include some sort of DIN unit, becuase as I said my older alpine finally **** the cradle.

    I know that I want the best possible quality of sound when the DVD is playing, I dont want to have a great audio setup, but when i turn on the DVD, i still want it to sound just as good as my audio only setup.

    Current Setup:
    4 Alpine Type-S 6.5" 2-Way Speakers
    Alpine MRP-350 4 Channel Amp 4x75 max
    2 Alpine Type-S 12" Subs
    Kicker ZR360.2 Amp
    4 gauge power wire to a Lightinng Audio distro block to two 8 gauge wires

    what are your guys reccomendations, ideas?

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    Re: Video Setup Recommendations

    well if you want simplicity i'd get the all in one..

    i myself am planning a video install this building a custom center counsel to house my eq, h/u, 1/2 din dvd player, and misc mounting my m+d 7" in the center of the dash were the factory radio was..its at perfect eye level and just fitts in...

    it would prob all equallout either way you do it

    all in one $650ish

    cd player:225

    up to you..of course the above can be had cheaper but that is generally were the mid line is

    Ref's:1. Midwestcustoms 1.5. Desertheat 2. Mjbailey 3. Terryracing86 4. Sickmint79 5. Untouchable11 6. mattj 7. Ssweet96 8. Kool9accord 9.Kristinspapi10. Kmhogan224 11. Alpine3612 -x3- 12. Vectork39 13. Livinlife 14.Chriscivic 15. Violentraptor 16. Ricky616 17. Bassaddictj 18.orioles26 19.Khail19 20. jak3th3snak311 21. Myjaja 22. Springy101 x2 23. Ali1 24. Privatepastry 25. Plus about 10+ more..

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