hi guys,

truck in avatar...

i have a new viper alarm 3305v two-way.

i added a glass brake /tap sensor.

i have the hood pin installed.

im trying to figure out what would be the best i could add to this ??

was thinking of adding a pin for the back window .

o i also installed a siren inside the back of the truck. going to put another one under the back.

also im going to pull my hood release cable/handle and relocate it so nobody can pop the hood.

and thing els ??

please give me some idea's .

im going to order some security screws/bolts for my audio system. i bolted down my sub box.

i do have another viper alarm ( the one i took out, need to get it fixed ) but was thinking of installing that as a back up. plus that would give me 3 extra channels i could use.