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Reload Thread: viper remote kills batteries??

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    viper remote kills batteries??

    I got the viper 5701 if i put new batteries in the remote they will be dead within 2weeks. Wat could cause this??

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    Re: viper remote kills batteries??

    maybe your accidentally holding a button down alot of the time? your using cheap batteries? you have a lemon remote? the remote just overall *****?

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    Re: viper remote kills batteries??

    I had a remote that was doing that so I opened it up to look at the traces and contacts. There was some type of residue from a previous cleaning or whatever. I took alcohol and a cotton swab to everything and followed it up with a dry swab. That fixed my problem.

    Had this type of traces.

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    Saying "clipping doesn't kill speakers" is a half-truth at best. Technically no, clipping itself does not hurt the speaker. But in clipping your amp, you can easily create a situation that WILL kill the speaker. Was the squared waveform the DIRECT cause of the failure? No. In the end, the answer is, always has been, and can only be... heat kills speakers. BUT, clipping increases heat generation, sometimes by a drastic amount. So to start a thread simply to state that clipping does not hurt speakers is, again, a half-truth at best.

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