I have a 2003 Durango which has the stock theft deterrent system. I have several questions.

- What could an aftermarket car security system provide beyond what security system the vehicle comes with from the manufacturer? And I'm talking about things that actually help secure against and/or discourage theft. I don't care about being able to roll my windows down and dim the headlights with my phone from another continent.

- A loud alarm I think is great as long as someone relevant is there to hear it. Basically, if I don't hear the alarm go off, what good is it to me? This means I am interested in alarms that are somehow able to make me aware of the breach beyond simply making a bunch of noise in the parking lot. A beeper on the keyring seems ok, but is limited in range. Are there alarms that when triggered could send a text message or something?

- Viper is the only brand I know of. I'm clearly uneducated in the car security industry, so I have to ask. Are they the only go-to solution, or are there really good systems out there that are actually providing a quality product and not just a big name and for a much lesser price? I'll buy Viper if necessary, but if someone could chime in with some other considerations, that would be great!

I thought I would have more, but this will do for now. Thanks all in advance!