I just got done hooking up this unit in my 2004 suburban. I like everything except the fact i cant do the one main thing i bought it for. I have rear monitors hooked up to the av out. I go in and do Dual zone control (DVD in the rear and Anything different up front.) I want it always to play the audio and video to the rear no matter what i am doing up front. The problem is it will only show the video in the rear if i select NAV for up front. sure i can hear my ipod or radio and my son can watch his dvd and hear it just fine. but all i see is a blue screen that says no nav. if i switch to where i can see my ipod and what songs are playing, his screen in the back shows the same screen im looking at. Is there a way that i can accomplish what i want where i can see my ipod songs while he gets to watch his movie in the back?