recently i just got a prestige aps996 alarm. i will be the first to admit that i know nothing about installing alarms so therefore i let my friend who is a professional installer at his own shop put it in. the alarm worked fine for about a week until last night when it wouldnt arm. i left my house and it worked, when i got to the place i was going it didnt work at all. the remote was working fine, but i couldnt check the temp in my car from it and i could turn on or turn off the alarm. so first thing i checked was the antenna and it was fine. i tried the valet switch to see if it was on, so i held it in like i was putting it in valet mode and the light didnt come on, so i dont know what the deal is. it is like the alarm unit itself doesnt have power. i would like to get it working tonight, but considering it is sunday and my buddy is closed today and tomarrow, i would like to do it myself. if you have any suggestions on what i should do i thank you.