i am looking to start putting together my parts list for my carpc, problem is is that i dont know a ton about what is good out there so i was hoping that i could get some guidance from the guys and gals on here that have been doing CarPc's for some time.... my whole purpose behind the pc that i want is for it to be mainly a media center in my car, im huge on music and movies, and seens that i live pretty far from family navi is a huge need as well. i am also stuck on frontends, i have been leaning towards centrafuse but am open to suggestions. i am also unsure if i want to run a separate head unit or run the sound right from the pc to everything, keep in mind that i have car audio setup in mind that i am in the works of getting which will consist of two 12's running around 1200-1500 watts daily so great sound is also a must. im not looking for you guys to do the work for me, i have an idea of what parts i want to buy but my issue is i will brak the bank buying all the most expensive parts thinking that it will all work right and in the end prolly wont... so any and all help/suggestions given i will gladly take. thank you and Merry Christmas!