Hey guys. Id like to upgrade my alarm system if at all possible. I got whatever I could afford thrown into my system back when I got broke into and had to use whatever cash was left from insurance.. But now I'd like to step it up as the other car in my driveway got hit again a few nights ago (hopefully they saw my Blinking light and didn't wanna mess)

I got a Code Alarm, regular old Remote alarm system from Audio Express and had them install it. They did an ok job i think. It's very sensitive and goes off if loud exhaust or motorcycles pass by.. all the doors have trips, as well as shock sensors and what not.

I'd like a 2 Way Remote. (when people say alarm with pager) that means it's 2 way and the remote will alarm me right. So while I'm sleeping my keys a few feet away will chime? I'd like that. I am wondering since all the lights, and horn, and siren, and everything else has already been ran, would it be an easier or cheaper job for someone to remove and add something else. or will they have to tear down the entire thing and start over?