okay im just now starting with the multimedia part of the car. but im new to this so i need some help. my question is if i want a gps system in the car what should i get or should i be on the look out for? normally i would just go buy the whole kit but i dont need it this time. i already have lcd screens and i dont want to replace them and dont have any room for any more. with that said i have a modded xbox and it hase the room for something like this. is there any way i can use this? or i have an extra cumputer laying around should i just hook this up?reallt i dont want to dish out $1500 if i can get around it. all id need would be the gps reicever and the software correct? or am i missing a step? like i said i am new to this so any info would help or any links to any info. thanks alot!!