I've only installed a remote start on one car before and that was rather simple. now I'm trying to install this cheap as hell remote start on my GF car, 87 grand am, for christmas (will be moved to a 2003 malibu in Feb.) my prob is that her key ignation has only 3 settings, OFF, ON(RUN), Start. The instruction which are no help says i need to connect to one wire to start, one to On, and one to ACC. But there is no ACC, I belive it is that setting when you put your key in and bring it down apose to up. plus there is a wire that feeds back to the control box which is an input but i'm not sure why and have no idea where i should put either of the two wires. The thing that worries me the most right now is that fact that i have no idea how the unit tells if the car has started. It says if the car fails to start it will try to restart and add .5 sec to start time. can anyone out here help me? PLEASE

so confused and this is what i have to deal with:

An actuall line from a Car Alarm User's Guide:
"If anywhere of the car body is hit or beaten, the alarm would beep to horrify, to make more safety for your car."

Me good english so american no get alarm to saftety there car!