First time post!

Bought a 2006 silverado that came with the Audiovox Advent ADV35 system. worked great for a couple months and then all of a sudden it stopped working. I can listen to dvd's and audio cd's but I have absolutely no visuals on the screen.

When I press the change source button to switch between TV, DVD, AUX, etc, i do get an interesting response. Green text that displays what source i've selected appears at the top of the screen for a second or so and then fades abruptly and is very hard to see against the black background but it is never completely gone. Normally when I selected DVD the green "DVD" text would display over the splash screen for a second and then dissapear. Same when I would select the "game" mode. I heard this might be a pinched or broken ribbon cable but I just spent my whole night taking apart the darn thing and nothing is broken or out of the ordinary. It's driving me nuts. Anything would help thanks