Hi i have the following hardware in my neon

BRAIN - CM3300 - CompuStar
Shock sensor - a122 - compustar
Remote 2w8000fmr(3000)

my problem is that everytime the wind blows on my car, the alarm goes off,

so i go under the dash to look for the tolerance dial...

i find the shock sensory look up the part number to make sure that that is what im looking at

the dial on the sensor is set to OFF , i can put it all the way up to 10 but....

i figure thats the opposite of what i wana do, when i turn it from off to 1 the LED goes on when its set to off, the LED is off...

its been set to off scince i bought the car, and i could sneez on this thing and it will sound the alarm,

did they make the dial backwards or somthing?

ne one help me out? thanks