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Reload Thread: 150$ - Viper 3000 vs Viper 591xv vs python 1400xpl

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    Icon32 150$ - Viper 3000 vs Viper 591xv vs python 1400xpl

    Im looking at getting one of these alarms, my budget is around 150. I found a feature list of each of them, but im not sure what the forum thinks of this low end range of alarm (most of what ive seen with searching is higher up 5900s and such)

    Im buying the alarm before I buy the car, so im not sure exactly what type of car it will be, but it will definatly be a maxima, corolla, camry, I dont need a really high end alarm, I dont even really care about remote start, id rather not have it, but I understand most of the standard alarms these days come with it. I need it to go off if someone breaks the windows, and some kind of engine kill feature would be nice, but not needed. So here are the features, im not too knowledgeable about alarm features so Im not sure how they really compare, or whats better, the python has a longer range, but the vipers seem to have more features; they look similar though:

    DEI Viper 3000 2 Way - 145$ shipped
    *channel 2-Way security/keyless entry
    system (Remote start is not built in)
    Forfeiture penalties per violations!
    *Responder Technology: Unique LED
    Interface for 2-Way communication of
    command confirmations and trigger events
    *Confirms most commands with easy-to
    understand LED's
    *Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping
    *Alerts users to security system triggers
    by LED's
    *Responder alerts you when too far away to
    hear it.
    *Only available 2-Way Remotes with 66-bit
    *Vehicle Recovery System
    *Parking light flash relay built in
    *Remote Adjustable On-board Stinger®
    DoubleGuard Shock Sensor
    *Power Door Lock relays built in
    *Domelight Supervision relay built in
    *Power Trunk release/Channel 2 output ready
    *Failsafe® Starter Kill relay built in
    *5 Auxiliary Outputs (Programmable)
    *5 zones
    *Dual MUX Sensor ports allow easy
    connection of two additional sensors
    *Sensor shunt input (Remote Start/window up)
    *Independent zone diagnostics for each system
    *Retained Accessory Power
    *Comfort Closure
    *Bright Blue LED System Status Indicator
    *Horn Honk output (Dedicated)
    *One newer style 4-button LED 487V 2 way
    pager Remote and one 4-button Remote
    *Valet switch
    *6 Tone Revenger Siren
    *Remote Panic/Car Finder
    Clone safe, 1/4 mile range

    DEI Viper 591XV 2 Way Remote Start System 160$ shipped

    * User-friendly 2-Way Remote with the
    * Ultimate 2-Way Remote Start system
    * Responder Technology: Unique LCD
    * Interface for 2-Way communication of
    command confirmations
    * Confirms all commands with easy-to
    understand icons, plus text!
    * Alerts users to Remote starting
    by Beeping or Vibrating!
    * Responder alerts you when
    too far away to hear it.
    * Remotes with 66-bit Code-Hopping!
    * Includes a Belt Clip
    * Turbo timer and optional rear
    defroster activation output.
    * Dedicated 1 button start
    * Parking light flash
    * +/- Doorlock Polarity Outputs
    * One 4-button LCD Remote
    * Optional 1 way companion Remote available
    * 5 channel
    * Flashing LED light
    * Valet switch
    * Domelight Supervision output ready.
    * Failsafe Starter kill Built in, along with
    * Remote Start Anti-grind (active/passive).
    * Horn Honk output
    * Remote Panic/Car Finder
    * Super High Frequency Receiver (SHF)
    * XCRS-4 relay H/D capacity satellite relay.
    * Automatic configuration of remote buttons.
    * All models are Clone-Safe Code Hopping
    * Diesel mode with dedicated glow plug input.
    * Complete engine monitoring: Voltage or Tach
    * Programmable run times: 12, 24 or 60 Min.
    * Dedicated factory security control wires.
    * Viper GPS Tracking System: ESP serial port

    Python 1400XPL Remote Start System One Mile Range 135$ shipped
    * One-Button Start
    * Parking Light Flash
    * Engine Monitoring During Remote Start - Tach / Voltage
    * Hood / Foot Brake Safety Shut Down
    * Built-in Turbo Timer
    * Defroster Activation Output
    * Starter Anti-Grind
    * Timer Mode
    * 900 Mhz high power RF communication
    * Digital frequency hopping for optimum range
    * Multiple frequency transmission
    * Dual error correction systems combat signal data corruption and minimize signal interference
    * One Mile Range

    Which of these looks the best?

    EDIT: I realized this shouldve been a poll, and tried to change it, but it was too late, edit wont let me
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    Re: 150$ - Viper 3000 vs Viper 591xv vs python 1400xpl

    probly the viper 3000 because thats the only security system you listed the others are just remote starts.

    94' thunderbird *parked*<
    4.6 V8 with a shift kit
    clarion dxz 645mp clarion sirius tuner
    ED 6000v.2- front jbl 5.25 comps- rear
    dynamated and edeaded trunk lid, rear deck, front doors
    Big 3 in green of course
    viper 791xv w/ battery backup
    3 jl 10w0
    2000 ford ranger supercab 3.0v6 4x4
    stock hu
    alpine mrp-m350
    2 9kv.3's
    clifford matrix rsx 50.5x
    spring time getting clarion MAX675VDII and front components possibly jbl's again

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    Re: 150$ - Viper 3000 vs Viper 591xv vs python 1400xpl

    lol, thank you

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