OK, a little background before I ask my question.

My friend totaled his car about 1 week after I put in my G4 alarm, and he offered to give me his alarm, a G5 Intelliguard 750. I said sure I'll take it. I was happy to take it out of his car because he had a professional installer do it, and I wanted to see how they would run the wires and everything.

I got everything out, and today I went back to my car, 1994 Honda Accord, and started replacing the G4, with the newer G5. I got everything wired and what not, but now the car does not want to start up, it starts for about 2 seconds and then shuts off. Everything else has power, the radio works, the LED from the alarm works, interior lights, power locks, siren.... everything else except it does not stay on. What could be the problem?

If i jump the connection without putting the ignition and starter wires through the alarm, it starts perfectly. I already checked the immobilizer jumper, and it is just as it should be...