I am installing an eagle eye 90-902c, I have a few minor questions about a few things and any help would be greatly appreciated.

First off my car uses a negative pulse to lock and unlock doors, one wire for lock one wire for unlock, my question is do i need to run these wires through a relay to my alarm brain or can i hook the wires (that give a negative pulse from the brain) directly to the lock/unlock wires. I wasint sure if i neede the relays, its got factory keyless (not the remote kind)

I would also appreciate any other comments or hints, i got most of this figured out just wondering about the keyless entry mostly. but if anyof you know anything about:
-good brain locations
-best way to tap into wires in a harness
-Oh...one more thing i really need to know, whats the difference between "door trigger neg" and door trigger pos." on the brain? is it just whichever my car uses or should i be using both

thanks, Kenneth