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    95 Neon problem

    Hey guys, hoping I could get some help with some problems I've been having with my car.

    Car - 95 neon, 5 speed, 190km's

    Problem - At first it was hard to get the car to go into a gear. Usually only after I've been driving for awhile. When I would let the car warm up, there would be a noise. Sometimes loud and sometimes quiet, kind of like a squealing. When I would press the clutch in, the noise would stop. On the highway, it would always come out of 5th gear. If i held it in place it would be fine.
    Last week I was driving on the highway and the car came out of gear, but when I tried to put it back in, it wouldn't work. no matter what I did. Pulled over and got a ride to pick me up. By the time they came to get me, I noticed that the car would actually move again. Didn't want to mess around so I just left it and went back a few days later. I was able to drive it back to town but I could only use 5th. It would go into netural and 5th, that's it, shifter would not move at all other then that. It was about a 10-15km ride back to town. Not too far from my house, I couldn't drive the car at all again, it would just rev. Just went out today and it was able to move again so it seems it only mess up after its been running for a bit.
    Any suggestions on what I should look at? or what do you think it is? Thanks in advance!

    Edit - Just went out and tested it, in 5th it feels like its about to start moving then slips and just revs.
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