hello, my car just recently broke down... it's a 97 eclipse rs

it used to die on me when i would put it on neutral and it woudnt idle right the times i was able to come to a complete stop without it dying on me. for some reason i changed the terminals to the battery and it didnt die for a while.

a while ago it would just die randomly on me while on gear, and it would take a while for it to turn on.

just recently it went crazy. i never knew my car had an alarm... i had to disconnect the battery to it because it would keep honking and all the lights (dash, front, back) would just keep blinking and the car wont turn over, it wont even make a noise, like if the battery is dead...

what is the problem here? honestly my car is an rs and i had no idea it had an alarm... is it even an alarm?? the car would give out a little honk whenever i would turn it off but i didnt think that was an alarm because i have no trigger for it.

can anyone shed some light here? any help is appreciated.