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Headlights play a vital role for a motorcycle, as many models rely on a single bulb. A blown headlight bulb can leave you in an extremely hazardous situation. At the very least, you may become stranded and unable to get to your destination. Replacing your headlight is relatively simple, but you will need a replacement light bulb and a screwdriver. Some motorcycles also require a wrench to remove the headlight. If your motorcycle has any storage space, you can use it to carry some useful tools such as a flashlight, a spare bulb and a basic tool kit.

1. Remove the circular rim that holds the headlight lens in place. Use your screwdriver to undo the screws that secure the rim and the lens. If your rim is fixed using nuts and bolts, use a wrench to loosen the nuts before pulling out the bolts with your hands. Carefully remove the rim and the headlight lens, and place them on a flat surface.
2. Pull the bulb, along with the wires attached to it, out of the headlight shell. The wires stretch out, but remain attached to the headlight, so don't worry about the bulb falling to the ground.
3. Push together the holding pins at the bottom of the bulb fitting. Pull the bulb out of its socket while pushing the pins, and remove it completely.
4. Insert your replacement bulb into the bulb socket. Listen for a clicking sound from the pins that confirms the bulb is correctly in place. Gently feed the wiring and the bulb back into the headlight shell. Return the bulb and wiring to the correct position inside the shell, as they were before you pulled them out.
5. Place the headlight lens back on the shell, and put the circular rim over it. Use your screwdriver to insert the holding screws back into the rim. Tighten the screws to secure the rim and lens properly. If using nuts and bolts, feed the bolts through the rim and tightly screw on the nuts with your wrench.

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