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Llumar and Solar Gard are the best tint film.

You have to have a heat gun, a spray bottle, and a squeegee. You clean the outside of the window and lay the tint over it. Cut around the outer most part edge of the window, but inside the door metal. Then you spray the inside of the window with your squirt bottle, lay the tint on, squeegee the water out and heat shrink it to the window. You cant roll the windows down for 4-7 days depending on how warm it is. If its about 55+ you can get away with 4 days.
first time tinting my windows it turned out awesome, i was so proud. the next morning im in the school parking lot and my girl jumps in and i tell her "dont roll down the window" shes says why lol and does it anyway... she thought i was joking... stoopid bish