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    give me some opinion.......

    i would like to ask ur opinion in engine area. I get a new car last year, from my friend suggestion, he said that i have to change the engine follow by time (for example in three month) but not by my mileage meter...... that mean if i seldom use my car i have to change my engine oil after three month even stil havent reach the oli replacement mileage.....izzit true?? izzit i need to do it this way??i think it is wasted.....if i follow mileage meter to change my engine oil izzit will make bad effect to my car engine if i over the period of using the oil, this is because i seldom run my car.....give me some opinion about it, thank q very much.

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    You should replace the oil every 3,000 miles or every 3 months which ever comes first. The oil is important part in lubricating the engine. Old oil is just as bad as overused oil. The oil gets dirty from sitting in the engine and thats why it needs to be changed. It's kinda like cleaning the engine every three months. Trust me, the oil is not being wasted.

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    Re: give me some opinion.......

    martin, from M'sia? Which part? I ws in KL for like 18 years dude...

    If you want some REAL performance done on your car, go to Sungei Buloh, Kampung Baru and locate a man by the name of "Suwah". Ex-TRD mechanic, also made the 700BHP toyota corolla that beat Aerotech's 500BHP skyline. Bet he could fix something up for ya. He's slow and expensive, but he gets the job done, and done well.

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