this is the event you dont wanna miss:

Psychoacoustics and F.O. Spl present:

Smoke on the Water 2009

3x DB Drag
3X Bass Race

1 day event

$50.00 entry fee gets you DB Drag and Bass Race...wait it gets better
We want everyone to pre-register for this event...heres how it works:

If we can get 30 competitors to pre-register we will give you half your entry fee back...
thats right a 3x event for only $25 bucks

now being from the Northeast and knowing everyone there should be no problem getting at
least lets say 50 we will really go 'PSYCHO"...entry fee will be $20 bucks
pre-register with paypal:
[email protected]
dont forget to include your name please

what else will be goin on, hmmmmm, lets see:

how bout gas cards??? done

yo, Psycho Bill, what else should we do???...lets give away a T3 TSNS 18....done

what else...Did someone say "Bass Race for cash"...done

man im bout you Bill??? and drink at this show...done

lets show everyone what the NorthEast is who's in???