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    what do I need?

    I am considering going to my first real comp in Brookpark Oh next month.

    What do I need to compete in db drag?
    certin cd?

    Does the looks of my install have to be anything special?
    I have a naked box in the back of my van, soon to be painted (maybe).
    any and all tips on doing this so I dont get embarassed to bed would be great.

    also anyone with a TL close to NW Pa , NE Ohio ,or SW NY that could help me out with some meter time.

    here is a link to the show I am thinking of going to if that matters at all.

    I haven't a clue as to what freq my van peaks at and I understand this is something that you must know.

    basiclly I need some one to take me under their wing and talk me thru getting this right.........

    I wanna go to where the women are easy and the drugs are cheap, and we all stay skinny cuz we just won't eat!!

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    Re: what do I need?

    What kind of vehicle do you have? Usually a good starting point is 40hz, and go up from there until you've found the loudest freq. for you.

    All you need is a CD with 0db test tones on it.You can download the test tones at and burn them onto a CD.Unless you already have a cd with test tones (such as a bass mekanik cd).

    Looks, it'll depend.There will be a fair share of people who mig ht think less of your set-up because of the looks.As long as the performance is there, not too many people care.There will be other DIY'ers there that'll understand a bare box, and in fact their own might be bare.I've never competed with a carpeted box.

    I looked at the link for the show, and I've looked at past results.From the looks, I don't think you'll be taking home a first place in any of the street classes.Looks like "Team neo" has that wrapped up pretty good with some scores in the 150's. They might however offer a mini street class, but I don't really know the specifics of that.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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