I got this off of termpro

Hey Everyone,

We're having a 4x point weekend in southern Ohio! Four single events to get your points.

There will be a $70 weekend pass if you would like to purchase it. This pass covers all four show entries.
The shows are going to go as follows...

Friday June 24th, in Centerville, OH at Audio Advantage (where sam's XM show was held)
Registration begins at 6
$20 w/o pass

Saturday June 25th will have 2 shows!
#1 Audio Advantage in Cincinnati
Registration starts at 11
$20 w/o pass

#2 Audio Advantage in Fairfield (we're the last one was held after Centerville)
Registration begins at 5
This is also a $Money$ back show for 1st & 2nd.
$25 w/o pass

Sunday June 26 at a HUGE CAR SHOW in fairfield
(about 1 mile from the Fairfield Audio Advantage)
Registration begins at 9
This is also a Money Back show, with trophies!
There will be FOOD, GIVE-AWAYS, MUSIC!!
There is a $5 entrance fee to get into the car show lot where the db drag show is (not included in pass.)
$20 w/o pass


We plan on having an awesome weekend without a hitch. All Termpro probs on our end have been corrected and there shouldn't be anything else.

Greg & Casey