up for sale is a Rockford Fosgate T600-2 two channel amp. This thing is a great class AB 2 channel.

specs are:
200x2 rms at 4ohms
300x2 rms at 2 ohms
600x1 rms at 4 ohms

and I could tell that this thing was making WAY more power than rated. probably puts out closer to 800 rms at 4 ohms bridged. to give you an idea of how powerful it is, it blew my type r with the gains turned way down bridged at 2 ohms. if you know about type r's, there are plenty of guys on here who run 1000rms to them no problem. its really versatile too. use it as a 2 channel and get awesome SQ and output to your front components. or use it bridged and get a great sub amp.

condition is a good 8.5/10. one nick on the outer heatsink and a little chip on the power input terminal. also on the back you can see some residue from the velcro pads I used to hold the amp down in my trunk.

Price is 175 shipped.