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Reload Thread: Need help choosing a sub! (Amp installed)

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    Need help choosing a sub! (Amp installed)

    Hi everyone,

    Long story short I bought my car and it has a JBL DA3504 installed in the boot/trunk ( http://www.hifi-pictures.net/base-ca...L%20DA1002.pdf )

    I was wondering what spec sub(s) to get (preferably enclosed) or if there's any you could recommend installing. Have a budget of about 100.

    Amp specs are on page 8 of that link, second column from the right.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Need help choosing a sub! (Amp installed)

    that amp isnt going to drive subs very well, its a 4 channel amp which is used to run speakers

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    Re: Need help choosing a sub! (Amp installed)


    HU: Sony CDX-M9900
    Front Stage:Kenwood KFC1694PS & Pioneer TS-G1044R
    Subs: (2) C2Audio Threatcon 2 15
    Amp1:PPI BK800.4
    Amp2:PPI BK1800.1D
    Big 3 and (Soon to have a Singer 280a alt)
    2 Big AGM Batteries
    Bought from corysquires and lowNloudd
    Traded with timhof13
    Sold to BrownVanMan and NJTStang11

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