Installed my first system in my 05 Frontier way back when... I still have all the equipment in my garage, waiting to install into my 78 200SX Datsun.

Anyway. I can't re-use the subs for my current truck install as I need shallow mount subs due to space requirements. I could manage to fit normal depth subs, but I don't want the GMC logo pressed into my sternum.

However it's been a long time, and I've been out of the game for awhile. I'd like some feedback on on an amp/sub system I plan on installing.

I'm looking for clean bass, not thumping hard rap, but good crisp beats. I had 3-10" Phoenix Gold subs at 250W RMS powered by a 900W RMS Phoenix Gold amp in my Frontier, and it was a good system for me. Had good bass for all the types of music I listened to, was crisp when I wanted it to be, and hit hard enough on the hip hop I would occasionally listen to.

I went to the local audio shop and asked about their shallow mount subs, and what they would recommend, they suggested a pair of JL Audios 10TW3-D4s. I like the look of the subs, but $300 a pop is a little on the high end. I'd like to hear peoples comparables. I don't need the absolute top of the line, most expensive ones, but I am willing to spend some cash to get a good system.

Sub-enclosure; due to my truck being a single cab, not much room. Has a place for an amp and just a generic 10"/12" enclosure.

Current deck is a single DIN Sony deck, however that will be updated to a touchscreen next year or so.