My budget Ranger build fizzled out due to a bad head gasket. That means my antics need a new outlet. It's time to hack into my DD Accord and my brother's DD Mini!

Fronts: Infinity 609CS (on order)
Rear: Infinity 693.9i (on order)
Sub: Infinity 860w
Amps: Boss R3002, Boss CX350 (doors/deck)
Also on hand: Infinity 6012i + 6832cq
Wire: 4 Ga to blocks to 8 Ga

I'll use high level inputs since my factory stereo already non offensively compresses transients at high volumes to prevent distortion. That'll be a good failsafe once I get my levels set right.

Here's the car as it sits. It needs a locked up guide pulley replaced before I start.

A pile o' parts

Here's the Mini. He wants more bump but spent all his money on performance so I offered to do a sub with spare parts.

The 15" in the pile above and SSL amp will go in his car. I'll run high levels off the rear speakers and the battery is already in the trunk. This'll be a two hour piece of cake.