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Reload Thread: NEEEED HELP new build new to this ..................

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    NEEEED HELP new build new to this ..................

    Ok.... I have just bought the following......
    4 JBL GTO938
    i have a amp to power these which is the DLS CA41.....

    I also have 2 subs, one is a MTX which i cannot find ANYTHING about the model number online (days of searching) but its 4ohms (not to sure about rms tho) and a kenwood which is 4ohms 350w rms....
    the amp i am using to power these is a fusion 400w rms mono block.... anyway.... my question is........

    to power these speakers, what gauge wire should be used.... and to power the subs what gauge wire should be used..... and the ground wire for both amps..... what gauge wire should be used.........
    also just wondering with this power, do i need another battery ?? (please god no) and for my setup, i want clarity and just a TOUCH of bass, reason im not to worried about the rms of the monoblock amp, as its just gonna be a touch..... nothing serious.....

    I am all new to this, so ALL suggestions please post!!!!!!!
    One more thing, where i live, a 4guage wiring power kit is $50!!!! thats just the power cable and the fuse (rip off) i went to my scrap metal dealer they have copper wire there, which is around the same size (21-23 mill) for ALOT cheaper... will this do with a fuse to power the amps??

    Like i said, i am new to all this and just wanting a bit of help to do my stereo ,myself....

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    Re: NEEEED HELP new build new to this ..................

    do a search on this forum....

    factory speaker wire is fine for the speakers (16/12 gauge) , 4 gauge or bigger for the earth and pwr cable for each amp.

    you may need to upgrade your batt, i'd suggest install it all first and if you find you have voltage probs then go a spend the bucks on a better/extra battery

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