The Set Up (Keep in mind I'm 17, in school, have a part time job, and pay my car insurance and gas, so everything I have has been done with my money, and installed Personally) :::

- 2 American Bass XFL 10s D4
- Had and AQ2200 but Now Have a American Bass 200.1
- Rockdfosgate T1 Mids/Highs
- Kenwood Deck
- 2 Runs of Execution Audio 1/0
- Xs D1200
- 2 Yellow Top Optimas
- 5ft^3 box tuned @36hz

The Whip 1995 Toyota Avalon XL with Hella Miles and Plasti Dip

2 Runs of 1/0 from Alt to battery's in the back

Battery's In The back as of now I'm getting another Optima

In the lanes

Port Score

The Set Up

Raising Them Decibels !!!!

On My Aq2200 with 2 10s with broken triple joints play music not burps. I have 2 brand new 10s now and a American Bass 200.1 so will be doing 145+ on music not burps