Getting ready to purchase my XLT Supercrew 4WD with EcoBoost and will be gutting it the day I bring it home to do my install, if anybody has had any experiences with the equipment I will be using I would really appreciate reviews on it!

Here's what I will be using:

Signal Processing:
Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty to maintain factory head unit
Arc Audio KEQ5

RE Audio ZTX800.4 (mids/highs)
RE Audio DTX1600.1 (subwoofer)

RE Audio SR 6.5C Components (front doors)
RE Audio REX 6.5 Coaxials (rear doors, mostly for fill)

Subwoofer & Enclosure:
RE Audio S EXV210D2 in a Fox Acoustics vented enclosure (1.25 cu. ft. airspace tuned to 36 hz)

Second Skin sound dampening
12 ga. wire to subwoofer
16 ga. wire to mids/highs
4 ga wire to amplifiers
Scosche adapter plates for mids/highs

I plan to remove the carpet from the rear wall of the truck and mount a carpet matched piece of MDF cut to fit the rear wall where I will mount my amplifiers, crossovers and 3Sixty.

I am going to wire my woofer down to 1-ohm as the DTX1600.1 is class D and 1-ohm stable, this will feed the sub 750 watts RMS.

I am hoping I can mount the KEQ5 inside the center console but if not I will probably mount it between the console and the cup holders if space allows. I want the truck to look as stock as possible inside, but sound like a rock concert. Also, I'm hoping the absence of big DVD screen in the dash will shy away potential thieves which is why I am really hoping I can mount the KEQ5 out of sight.

If anybody has any install tips, advice or reviews(good or bad) on any of the equipment I've listed I would love to hear it!

Have a great weekend fellas.