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Reload Thread: what are good characteristics to look for in a sub

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    what are good characteristics to look for in a sub

    So yeah I got a cvr....thinking of getting a other sub....what should I phsically look for when buying a sub?(Besides the normal qts etccos not all the parameters are given)

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    Re: what are good characteristics to look for in a sub

    First step stop posting in the wrong section. And second. Figure out what you want and what you don't want. And then go from there like ohm's DVC or svc, rms watts, peak watts, what size, and how many. I can tell you now you will get 28297392279 different answers here. And they will all be personal opinions. But everyone is pretty knowledgable here so pick and choise from there opinions

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    Re: what are good characteristics to look for in a sub

    Audiopoop is the best budget brand
    Sundown/DC/AQ/Crecendo are God's gift to this green earth

    Summed up the majority of everyone's opinion on this forum

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    3 Runs of 1/0 OFC Power and 3 Runs of 1/0 OFC Ground
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    RD 7500.1 running 2 12 inch SPLaudio (AA Mayhem motors/baskets)
    Tuned to 36 hertz. About 4.5 cubic feet, 8" Aeroport (made by dbeez)
    Zed Audio Leviathan III on Morel MDT-29, RS100-4 & RS225-8 Daytons
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