Lengthening the port will flatten your response (resembling more of a sealed box response with a slower roll-off) but in my experience, will still have a noticeable (though progressively smaller) 'bump' in a specific range in comparison to sealed. The impedance curve is also affected by changes in tuning, directly altering available power.

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I thought the lower you tuned the port, like below 30hz, the more it basically becomes a sealed box and therefore defeating the purpose of porting to begin with?
Then I've read before that most music doesn't even go down that low anyway, like country, rock, most pop songs won't drop below 40hz unless their like specifically bass tracks or club type music? If that is true, then wouldn't much of your music not be as efficient in the lows if it's tuned to 32hz as apposed to 40hz?
Then again I have this RTA app which shows 32hz region going crazy just sitting here quietly with the windows open reaching 78 to 90db's. lol heck if I know.